Date Saver Platinum

4.0 ( 5410 ratings )
유틸리티 라이프 스타일
개발자: Eiman Zolfaghari
0.99 USD

-= Created by: Sepideh Nasiri =-
-= Programming: Eiman Zolfaghari =-

No more embarrassing moments.
No more turning on faucets.

The Date Saver is here to help.

* Extra Loud noises made in the bathroom, to hide other (more embarrassing) noises.
* iOS4 Compatible (continuous noises run in background while you check your email, surf the web, etc)
* Universal App for iPhone 4 , iPad, and all other iOS devices! (with just one purchase for all your devices)
* Integration with Chomp

Get your copy today and avoid all future embarrassments.